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Way to use 2 headphones on PC

Whatever your area of interest, whether it’s movies, music or gaming, you need sound of good quality to enhance your experience.

Your USB headphone represents a great added value in terms of listening personalization. However, when you might want to connect two devices to the same machine, situation may arise.

So, how to get two headphones on a single computer? Sounds daunting, don’t they? Here are a few easy tricks for this.

Firstly, we’ll see how to use splitter to have two headphones on one screen. It’s one of the easiest ways to solve the two problem with headphones. Follow these simple steps to use 2 headphones on PC;

USB headphone

  • Buy a good quality splitter first.
  • Step the connector into your device now. You have to make sure your splitter has two separate headphone jacks and one connector.
  • Connect the headphones to the splitter jacks.
  • Choose any song from your music library now, and play it to check whether or not you get the desired output from both of your headphones.

What if you don’t have a splitter or a current splitter and want to learn how to have two headphones on a single computer?

Your machine has one headphone jack and one additional gadget you want to connect to. Do not worry, follow these steps to use multiple headphones on a pc, and enjoying the luxury of sound blasting.

  • First, insert the headphones into your device port.
  • Go to the Start button and then go to the control panel to get the ‘Tone’ function.
  • Go to the Manage Devices tab once you’re there and change the Headphone Speaker selection.
  • You ‘re basically making your default setting for headphones. Whenever you need you can shift it to normal state.
  • You can now connect another headphone to a port on your computer.

You ‘re not ready to enjoy your friend’s music, movie or games without disrupting your home’s quiet.

Another easy way to attach two headphones of the same device is to connect your Bluetooth headphone using the Bluetooth technology.

It’s very simple to connect Bluetooth device to your computer, follow those steps and enjoy the music.


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