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Method To Prevent Headphones From Breaking

You’ve already spent a fair amount of money on headphones to listen to the best sound from your CD player , if you’re anything like me. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your investment is to discover ways to make your listening system last longer. In this analysis, we ‘re going through the top 5 ways of making your headphones last longer.

Take a Case or Sack

The easiest way to look after your headphones is probably to carry them in a case or bag when you are not wearing them.

When your headphones don’t come with a case, you can buy one at eBay or the Amazon marketplace for $15 or less. It is by far the most effective way of making your headphones last longer.headphones

Generally speaking, you wish to prevent headphones from breaking. Hanging them onto a headphone stand is another way to keep them secure. Ensure that they are stored in a safe place to keep them protected from the elements.

Wash and repair your Leather Pads

The best way to clean headphones is always the easiest. General tap water is useful to clean headphones without worrying about the additional elements that get into your leather pads. Easy tap water and will do the trick with a cloth or sponge to rub it on.

You definitely don’t want to use water / acrylic based polishes that can be harmful for earpads made from leather.

You can simply clean them with a damp soft cloth or leather cleaner, if they’re really dirty. You should add a leather conditioner coat (about $15 a bottle) about twice a year to protect the headphones over time.


If you go with, make sure to check it on the headphone first to see if it protects headphones wire and does not damage the fabric.

From wrapping the music player’s earbuds

Music is everywhere, and using in-ear headphones or earbuds is one of the easiest ways to get an ahold of your favorite songs.

If you’re anything like me, you use your earbuds to listen to your favorite songs, shows, or podcasts almost every single day.

One of the most common ways humans kill their earbuds is by inappropriately storing them.

Purify your Earbuds

We all have our ears full of wax. Some more than others and some of it in our earbuds can get lost.

First of all, a smart way to avoid this is to clean your mouth. Using regular showers to help you clean your ears (outside and inside) and remove wax kits that will help you clean your ears many times a year.

Make sure you don’t use Q-tips too deep in your ears because they will build up wax.


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