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How To Get the Best Sound From Your CD Player

Even now, with streaming services and the renaissance of vinyl, CD players are still popular. And against the backdrop of comparing CD recordings and current high-definition audio, owners of such players naturally want to improve the sound of their home Hi-Fi systems.

Add the DAC

All digital sources have a built-in converter, but this is often of very average quality. In the case of a CD player, installing the most suitable digital-to-analog converter will be one of the main ways to improve sound quality. The advantage of a dedicated DAC is that it replaces the not always high-quality converter integrated into the source and provides the best conversion for an optimal result.

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The importance of cabling

Wiring is often overlooked, although its effect on the sound of a system has been known for a long time. There is a relationship between sound quality and cable quality. For example, some silver cables may have advantages in terms of high-frequency reproduction. Some RCA cables are also better shielded from external interference than others, and better signal conduction due to their well-thought-out design.

Turn off the display

In addition to the song number being played, some players display the song title and artist name on the display. This may sound strange, but turning off the display will generally result in better sound quality, as it creates some electrical noise by itself.

The effect of disabling the digital outputs can be even more surprising. This capability is available in some models and results in small but noticeable improvements in clarity and dynamics. Of course, the rest of the system needs to be transparent enough for that.

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Improve room acoustics

Room acoustics can affect the performance of a sound system, as more than 50% of the sounds you hear when playing music come from your room, not directly from the speakers. We can alleviate – a little – this problem by installing decorative elements! A furnished room is less resonant than an empty room. In addition, a carpet on the floor greatly improves the sound, as do curtains on the glass surfaces!

Give your CD player a secure footing

Vous pouvez isoler le lecteur pour le protéger des vibrations. Parmi les solutions d’armoires les plus courantes, nous trouvons des points de découplage et des pieds. Il existe également des produits plus avancés basés sur des systèmes améliorés d’amortissement et de réduction des vibrations. Les résultats sont souvent meilleurs que certains supports, et ces systèmes sont compatibles avec les enceintes sur pied.

Obviously, while CD players do not suffer as much from vibration effects as turntables, mundane factors such as steps on the floor or even sound from your speakers, especially at high volumes, can make the CD player’s data reading mechanisms work. More severely, which can affect the sound.


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