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Are soundbar as good as a 5.1 home theater?

If you’re trying to make the most realistic music and TV sound at home, then surround sound speakers are the way to go.

When you consider your surround sound needs, there are some details to bear in mind so it is important to get some basic information about soundbar vs 5.1 home theater before you purchase.

You need to ensure you have enough speakers to get the best surround sound speaker system in your home. It’s normal with anywhere from four to seven speakers.

Two to three speakers should be placed in front of the viewing and/or listening area. On the sides and/or behind the viewing and listening area, you’ll want two or three speakers too.

home theater systemThis is because the audio signal is sent to what are called multiple channels when you are playing a CD or DVD, which means that different sounds are sent for a multidimensional sound experience through different speakers. This is what gives life to Sony 5.1 home theater system!

The most important sounds will come from the speakers positioned at the end. A key melody line, for example, or dialog in a film would be played from the front.

But, if you watch a movie and a mom is calling her child from another room on the tv, you may hear the call from the side or behind you-that’s what makes the sound so exciting in the surroundings!

You feel like you are right in front of you in the middle of the story that takes place.

There is normally a mic, of the first three directly in the center of the entire audio system, the most appropriate location is either above or below the TV screen.

This location is important because it serves as a backdrop for the sounds coming from the side speakers and integrates all the dialog and sound effects for a smooth listening experience.

The audio-visual receiver, also known as the AV receiver, breaks up the audio signal into these different channels. It is here where all the work is finished.

The receiver literally receives input from various sources, such as a VCR, DVD player, gamin console, or satellite system, then interprets those signals and sends them to all other devices in the home theater system-including the surround sound speaker system.


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